FELL Marine Announces That Anytec of Sweden Will Install A MOB+ In All It’s 2017 Models

FELL Marine Announces That Anytec of Sweden Will Install A MOB+ In All It's 2017 Models

FELL Marine continues on its road to success, with the announcement that Anytec Boats, of Örnsköldsvik, Sweden, will be installing the MOB+ in all their 2017 boat models. Anytec produces the premier aluminum boat line in Europe. For more than thirty years Anytec has strived to build the world’s best aluminum boats. The same guiding principles have accompanied them throughout: an absolutely uncompromising attitude with regard to materials and construction. This motivates them to further develop what is already the best product on the market.

The MOB+ (which stands for man overboard), is a wireless cut-off switchthat is packed with features to enhance safety, making the old cord-based system obsolete.

With over 35 Anytec dealerships throughout Europe, FELL Marine continues to grow its brand and message to boaters that you can make safety on the water convenient.

“Anytec builds their boats from the ground up in aluminum, every weld done by hand and human inspected. With its advanced surface treatment technology Anytec M400, it is one of the most durable and safe boats there are. Anytec and the MOB+ Wireless Kill Switch are industry leaders in their fields, which makes the two a perfect match. Now all Anytec owners can be assured that their boat will wait for them if they fall over board.” – CTO of FELL Marine, Fredrik Eriksen.

CSO Johan Erixon of Anytec Boats had this to say about the MOB+. “We build the world’s best aluminum boats, designed from the ground up to let each boater meet all possible challenges they might face while on the water. Choosing to install FELL Marine’s MOB+ into our boats makes our brand stronger and gives our loyal customers an added level of safety that has been needed in our industry.”

Read more about FELL Marine’s MOB+ in our online catalog here – https://goo.gl/i6A4yW