mob-descriptiveFrom writer Capt. Ron Presley (Member of the Florida Outdoor Writers Association) on his take on our MOB+, titled “ICAST Must See – MOB+”: With ICAST just around the corner and a recent family boating outing over the 4th of July Holiday I have been having thoughts about water safety. Precious family, kids and friends deserve the best protection we can give them.  Personal flotation devices and common sense on the water are givens, but in this digital world we live in, what new products might be coming to enhance boating safety?

One booth I won’t miss at ICAST is the FELL Marine Booth, #4060. They will be introducing the MOB+ to industry reps and media. MOB, of course, stands for Man Over Board. The + refers to a wireless cut-off switch which adds the ultimate in safety to any boating excursion. Think about it. No human action is needed to start the process of recovering a boat driver from the water.

The set up requires two basic devices to help insure boater safety. One device is installed on the boat and the other is worn as a wristband by the boat driver. Activation is as simple as touching the control one time to pair the two devices. The result is and automatic signal to cut the engine when the wristband hits the water.

It sounds simple and it is. With the engine killed the boat will not travel far from the man overboard. The MOB+ allows the passengers on board to restart the engine, regain control and rescue the person in the water. Restart is available after only 6 seconds of the initial kill signal.

The same scenario occurs if the wearer of the wristband ends up 50 feet away from the boat, in the water or not. The engine can once again be started in 6 seconds and a rescue effort can be put in place

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