I can’t control the unexpected, but I can surely prepare for it

January 8, 2024 by
Henrikke Utgård Dimmen

“Life is a precious gift.”, “Never take a day for granted.”

Growing up, my elders were always sharing these words with me. I appreciated the advice, but those words never really had a true meaning. I was young and invincible. My life was just beginning.

On January 14th, 2017, I was involved in a boating accident (caused by a hydraulic steering failure) that changed my life forever. The good Lord, a Mustang survival PFD, a kill-switch and my partner saved my life that day.  I was very blessed to walk away with only cuts and bruises, but it gave me a whole new perspective on life. For that, I am grateful and those words will forever have meaning.

From that point forward, I committed myself to boating safety and sharing my story with hopes to help boaters across the world. I began focusing on taking every precaution possible, before I hit the water each time. The MOB+ was something I discovered after my accident, because it provided another layer of protection. It also allows me to offer further protection for my passengers. I can’t control the unexpected, but I can surely prepare for it.

The MOB+ gives me confidence and a piece of mind while on the water. It allows me to focus on fishing, and helps me to know that IF something does happen, then I have taken all the necessary safety steps. As a boat owner and operator, it is my job to make sure everyone that boards my vessel, also makes it home safely to their families. Being able to pair up to 4 fobs, allows my co-anglers and passengers to have an alarm fob. This provides an additional layer of protection for all passengers including pets.

I am thankful for the ability to share my story nationwide. I pray that my boating survival story touches the lives around me. I did everything correctly, and we survived. Some things you just can’t control, but your preparation for the water is not one of them.

My name is Hunter Bland, and I am a boating survivor. I am a graduate of the University of Florida with a degree in Natural Resource Conservation. I am a bass fishing professional in the Bassmaster Eastern Opens, and I am a member of Yamaha’s National Pro Fishing Team. I spend my time fishing and speaking nationally on boating safety.

My intention is not to scare people, but to make you understand that anything can happen even when you are doing everything right. Take the extra precautions, and enjoy the water with confidence. Spending time on the water creates memories that will last a lifetime, but returning home safely is the required happy ending.

Life is a precious gift, so act like it. Be safe. Prepare. Use a MOB+.

– Hunter Bland – FELL Marine Ambassador

Henrikke Utgård Dimmen January 8, 2024
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