My worst fears

Falling into the water or having a passenger go overboard is one of my worst fears
January 8, 2024 by
Henrikke Utgård Dimmen

As a tournament fisherman and recreational boater, falling into the water or having a
passenger go overboard is one of my worst fears, and rightly so, as the consequences can
be disastrous. My old corded kill switch did very little to provide peace of mind as it
dangled beside the helm, unable to provide any real protection should the unthinkable

Since installing the Fell Marine MOB+ Wireless Kill Switch System at the beginning of 2017, my crew and I can proudly say we have used our kill switch on each and every boat trip. Over the course of this year, we have fished multiple tournaments, traveling over 4,000 nautical miles in both the US and the Bahamas, each step of the way we have been protected by a kill switch that is securely attached to the captain’s wrist at all times.

For instance, we recently fished the White Marlin Open aboard our Sea Hunt Gamefish
30, spending three back-to- back days on the water. Our wireless kill switch was on the
captain’s wrist for over 48 hours and 630 nautical miles during the tournament. We were
protected in the event of a man-overboard incident every minute, even while distracted by
the demands and excitement of tournament fishing. 

I can guarantee this would not have been the case with our old kill switch. The enhanced safety features of the wireless kill switch have been so reassuring and it was so simple to install that I consider it an essential piece of gear for all boaters.

In fact, Fell Marine’s newest system, the MOB+ Multifob, is an even better bet. In
addition to the captain’s stop unit, the Multifob provides individual alarm units for up to
three other passengers. These xFOB units can be worn on lanyards, on wristbands, in
pockets, or attached to life vests. Should a crewmember or passenger fall overboard, the
system will immediately go into alarm notifying the Captain of a passenger overboard.
Automated crew protection is a huge added benefit when running in the dark, through
challenging conditions, or with four-legged friends in the boat.

I learned this lesson first-hand earlier this month while fishing a tournament in rough
weather with my crew. We encountered winds in excess of 25 miles per hour and seas of
four to seven feet. It was more than comforting to know that if one of my crew took a
bad step and ended up in the water, I would instantly be alerted by the MOB+ Multifob
system. This safeguard allowed me to focus completely on navigating the boat through
the unfavorable conditions without having to constantly worry about whether or not my
passengers remained safely aboard.

After almost a year of witnessing the flawless operation of the MOB+ wireless kill switch
system in a variety of situations, I won’t leave the dock without it. If you can’t remember
the last time you wore your kill switch, it is high time for a change. Swapping out your
old kill switch for the Fell Marine MOB+ wireless system will definitely provide greater freedom and confidence on the water, and it might even save your life or that of a family member or friend.

Captain Andrew Snell, 
Good Company Fishing Team

Henrikke Utgård Dimmen January 8, 2024
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