RIB Oslo chose FELL Marine MOB+ as one of their important safety devices onboard


When you are operating an adventure style boat touring company, where you bring your clients into extreme ocean conditions, your first thoughts should be safety.

RIB Oslo is one such company that challenges their boats and excites its clients on the waters of the Norwegian Fjords, the surrounding islands and the North Sea. They chose the FELL Marine MOB+ as one safety item to make sure their captains have an extra level of protection and to keep their clients safe.

RIB Oslo is well rounded ocean adventure company. Everything from rafting, discovery tours, expeditions, archipelago adventures, sea adventures, fishing, rafting, press, security boat, shoot and joy are within the realm of tours their clients pay for. Examples of clients they have and assignments are event agencies, film footage, recorded TV, firms, press, stag and security missions.

RIB Oslo use custom Tornado Boats from the United Kingdom, which are built to for the harshest conditions Mother Nature can deliver. And, our MOB+ is right on the RIB Oslo boats, front and center.

Check out the video and images. Keep an eye on the bottom of the video to see our MOB+ installed.


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http://www.tornado-boats.com, Tornado Boats