Say Goodbye To The Conventional Safety Lanyard


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I am adventurous by nature; I love to go hiking, camping in the outdoors and skydiving. Boating, however, is right there at the top of the list. Being on the water and feeling the cold, moist breeze on my face relaxes me like nothing else can. It can be fun and relaxing for anyone too – that is until they fall overboard.

Enter lanyards.Supplied by the engine manufacturers, this ropey device was installed at the factory to kill the engine in the event the driver accidentally went overboard. Conventionally, you attach the lanyard to your life vest whenever you’re going out to sea. This anchor creates a solid connection between you and the boat, preventing you come flipping over. Well, so what’s wrong with the lanyard? Nothing! It’s perfectly safe, but in its bid to keep us safe it has unknowingly created another problem – lack of flexibility.

When people go to sea on a boat, depending on their purpose for venturing offshore, they are likely going to be moving around a lot, probably to get a dock line or bilge for water. In such a situation having to always disconnect the lanyard whenever you leave the console and reconnect it when you return can be really annoying. Most boaters either forget to reconnect or leave it out altogether. This revolutionary device, the MOB, is for times like this, providing safety in the event that the driver is thrown overboard.

The MOB comes with 2 components, the xHUB: which links to the ignition system and transmits to the FOB: that stays on the driver via a wireless connection. Using this device transforms your boat into a smart boat! No more frustrating disconnect and reconnect lanyard routine; you just press a button on the xFOB when you are leaving the boat to disconnect and again when you step on board as the boat cannot be started without first reconnecting. This 300-hour battery life device is designed to kill your engine whenever a fall overboard occurs, giving time for the person to swim back or be rescued by other boat.

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