The Hull Truth Forum, MOB+ Review


the-hull-truth-forum-mob-review-with-install-images-1After ICAST we have heard from boaters of all types who find our MOB+ and technology to not only be a boat safety must, but very innovative long awaited product. Our loyal customers see what we see in the MOB+, that it “makes safety convenient.”

FELL Marine received word that in early September a customer went above and beyond on his install of the MOB+, and wrote a very nice review with pictures on the fishing forum The Hull Truth.  Brad (forum handle PPLEPEU) did an outstanding job detailing how he attached the MOB+ system to his Suzuki motors.

Enjoy the detailed review and images:

“We finally ended the tournament season and I got some time to install the Fell Marine system on my boat. The installation took about 2 hours max — much of it due to tight spaces, not complexity.

I found the ‘perfect’ spot for mounting the MOB+ base unit. My electrical panel had a spare 2″ opening — a little re-routing work later, the MOB+ looks like a factory install! I’ll do a better job of lacing up the wiring behind the panel as I was anxious to try out the system.

I have Suzuki motors, so the MOB+ completely replaced the existing kill switch. VERY simple to hook things up as Suzuki used the identical wire connectors shipped with the MOB+. All I had to do was crimp those connectors onto the wires and plug the MOB+ in place of the kill switch. Hooked up power and listened to the beeps.

I chose the xBAND for wearing the fob. After pairing, I fired up the engines and walked down the dock — sure enough, after about 40-50 feet, the MOB+ lost comm with the fob and killed the engines. By the time I walked back to the boat, 6 seconds had elapsed and I was able to restart the engines (like my passengers could do if they needed to come get me).

I also liked the plug they ship to completely bypass the MOB+. That removes ANY concern about not being able to use the boat in case of MOB+ failure. Nice.

Overall, I’m VERY impressed. I’ll post an update in a couple of weeks, following a few fishing trips while wearing the xBAND.”

Pictures included are from the installation on our Intrepid