Frequently asked questions

Below are answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding the product. For more information about MOB+ Wireless Kill Switch, please see the user manual. If you do not find an answer to your question below, do not hesitate to contact us.

Please refer to the User Manuals for more details about the below questions

Use and Functionality Questions

Yes. The new MOB+ Wireless Man OverBoard system allows for up to 4 connections at the same time. Choose to connect an AlarmFOB with alarm only, or stop and alarm functionality. This unique feature enabled with the revolutionary WiMEA Protocol allows you to have any combination of alarm or stop functionality for your passengers, crew or pets onboard. Easily switch pilots while driving, secure any kids or pets onboard with either an alarm or have the engine stop if they fall overboard.

The MOB+ system will not shut off the engine if the xFOB is only exposed to rain, splashes or a bucket of water. The range in air will vary depending on the wireless surroundings of your boat from at least 50 feet, but if you fall into the water as in the ocean or a lake, the MOB+ system will detect a man over board situation and kill the engine in 1 second. In this case the range in air does not matter and even 3 feet between the xHUB in your boat and your wearable xFOB will kill the eninge when the xFOB enters the water.

WiMEA® Protocol is based on an active data transfer between the connected xFOB unit and xHUB. This means that no matter what happens, if the xFOB unit is in the water or far enough away from the xHUB (normally more than 50 feet/15 meters) the wireless signal will be broken and the xHUB will activate MOB mode which stops the engine(s).

Yes, on the MOB+ you can override the system in two ways. The xHUB installed in the boat has a button. If you press & hold this button for 10 seconds it will enter Override Mode. In Override Mode you can drive the boat without the need to connect the xFOB. The xHUB will sound a bip every 30 second and blink yellow every 2 seconds to remind you that you are not wirelessly connected. The Override Mode will shut down after 2 hours. After 2 hours you need to press & hold for 10 more seconds to re-enter Override Mode. In the unlikely event that there is a failure to the xHUB you can physically override the unit. The cable leading to the xHUB comes with an emergency plug, this plug can be inserted into the IP68 connector on the cable wires (kill switch wires) leading to the engine(s). This will physically jump the the kill switch wires to bypass the kill switch allowing the engines to start and run.

No. WiMEA® Protocol is a unique wireless protocol, comparable with Bluetooth 2,4 GHz protocol or the WiFi protocol in wireless routers in your home. WiMEA® Protocol complies with strict requirements for separation of wireless signals. This is tested and certified to comply with the R&TTE directive for this kind of product at Nemko in Norway as required by CE and IEC60945 certification in the EU, and by FCC in US and Canada. In the unlikely event that you experience interference on other systems we suggest you consult the respective systems producer to be sure it complies with the R&TTE directive and has the necessary certifications. Do not hesitate to contact FELL directly if you experience interference on other systems close to your MOB+ system. Please see the user manual for details regarding WiMEA® Protocol.

WiMEA® Protocol is a highly advanced wireless technology that uses unique ID codes which are unique in each microcontroller in the units. There are not two identical ID’s anywhere in the world. The xFOB will therefore only connect to a previously paired xHUB. Please see user manual for details regarding WiMEA® Protocol.

Yes, Suzuki motors use the kill switch to toggle ON/OFF with the mechanical switch to reset the codes (after service etc.). This is done in the same way with MOB+, by clicking on the xFOB ON/OFF in the same toggling pattern. Normally toggling ON/OFF on the xFOB 3 times within 10 seconds.

Yes. In a man over board situation MOB+ will automatically turn of the engine and then activate Override Mode after 6 seconds. When in Override Mode those still on board will be able to start the engine directly without any interaction with MOB+. This gives additional safety as those on board do not need to know how to operate the system, but still can rescue the driver quickly. Please see user manual for details regarding WiMEA® Protocol.

At least 300 hours active connected hours. Smart power saving functionality turns the xFOB off when it´s not in use. The battery in the xFOB is standard coin cell battery, CR2032. Please refer to the User Manual for more information.

MOB+ has a guaranteed wireless connection of at least 5 meters/16.5 feet, but normally up to 15 meters/50 feet. Longer distances may occur depending on wireless conditions around your boat. Please see user manual for details regarding WiMEA® Protocol.

WiMEA® Protocol ensures engine stop within 1 second after the xFOB has fallen into the water or is out of range. Please see user manual for details regarding WiMEA® Protocol.

6 seconds. 6 seconds has been chosen to allow the engine pistons to come to a complete stop.

The xBAND has an adjustable locking mechanism, allowing you to adjust the size from XS 5.3 in – XL 8.5 in wrist circumference.

Installation Questions

Yes. MOB+ is installed using wires from your existing kill switch. Please see installation guide for instructions.

Yes, but it may be required to install wires from your engines stop system to MOB+. Please see installation guide and consult your local retailer or marina for more information.

Yes. MOB+ can be installed directly in most boats with multiple engines. If your boat comes prepared for/or you have an existing kill switch, MOB+ can be connected to existing wires. Some engine manufacturers offer harness to aggregate the kill switch wires from each engine into two wires, same as with single engine configuration. If you have a kill switch with multiple engine configuration, this harness is usually already installed and MOB+ can be directly connected to it.  Please see specific installation guide for your engine for more information.

MOB+ is designed to be installed on a console but you can install MOB+ xHUB (boat unit) close to the drivers position on a designated surface near the engine. Notice that it may be required to install wires from your MOB+ xHUB into the engine cover of your outboard engine. Note: This is not intended installation from FELL, but this kind of installation does not reduce wireless connectivity or function of the product. FELL Marine is currently working on a solution for future versions meant to be installed directly on outboard engines.

Yes, but if all sides of the drivers console is metal, this will form a wireless cage which reduces the wireless signal. Actual signal reduction if any will vary from boat to boat. Should the signal be noticeably worse the range for wireless connection between the xFOB and the xHUB will be reduced and the system can go into MOB mode which will cause unintentional engine stops. This distance will be shorter than 15 feet. We recommend in this case to use an extended cable for the antenna which can be set up outside of the driver console. For more information, contact FELL Marine Support.

The recommended way to mount the xHUB is closely positioned to the driver position with a good visibility of the lights showing the mode of operation. The lighting on the front of the xHUB also shows the battery status of the xFOB.

However it is also possible to install the xHUB hidden away behind a cover of glass fiber or wood. When installing the xHUB hidden, it is important to check the working range of the MOB+ after installation. Also make sure the unit is easily accessible to check the battery status of the xFOB and use the button on the xHUB.

Installation is easy. We recommend that the person installing the system is familiar with wire connections and has mounted marine electronics before. The xHUB is connected to power (+/-) with two wires and two additional wires to the existing kill switch wires. Since the system is only a relay on the existing kill switch wires it does not infringe with the engine systems in any way. The xHUB is mounted in the dashboard, near to the drivers position in a 2 1/16 inch hole. Bullet splices, butt splices and cable is included in MOB+ Basepack. Please see installation video and User Manual for more information.

Yes, Suzuki motors use the kill switch to toggle ON/OFF with the mechanical switch to reset the codes (after service etc.). This is done in the same way with MOB+, by clicking on the xFOB ON/OFF in the same toggling pattern. Normally toggling ON/OFF on the xFOB 3 times within 10 seconds.

Miscellaneous Questions

The casing on MOB+ is made from high quality materials and does not require maintenance except from cleaning.

Check that all wires and leading connection points are without any corrosion and that they fastened and properly connected.

We recommend to change the battery in your xFOB unit yearly.

Clean the exterior capsuling of the units with a moist cloth with a mild detergent. Avoid using chemicals that can damage plastic materials.