MOB+ Basepack

MOB+ Basepack

Complete system: 1 wireless xFOB and 1 xHUB with cables and user manual

Wireless Man OverBoard System

In a world where electronics surrounds us it’s almost incredible that the corded cut-off switch still exists: MOB+ is an electronically controlled, wireless cut-off switch which can be used on all boats. It has finally arrived, the cut-off switch which gives the user not only all the benefits of electronics but freedom and additional safety as well. We recommend using MOB+ on boats with size of 40 feet or less.

Use MOB+ and be safe with the latest in wireless technology

Your personal safety guard

The corded kill switch is rarely used as it ties you to a very limited space onboard. With MOB+ Wireless Man OverBoard System you regain freedom – without losing safety.

The xFOB is your personal safety guard at sea. Being placed in the accompanying xBAND or xTAG, the xFOB unit does not inhibit any movement or motion. Should you fall into the water the engine(s) will stop in just one second.

In the zone

As long as you stay within wireless range you are free to drive your boat and move about as you feel like. Just relax as MOB+® cares for you if a MOB Event should occur.

In the water

If you were to fall overboard and still be within the wireless range of MOB+®, rest assured that the engine will stop anyway because the xFOB gets submersed in water, breaking the wireless signal.

Out of range

If you get out of the wireless range of MOB+®, whether by falling overboard in the water or going away from your boat on the docks, the engine will stop.

General information about the system

As you step aboard your boat, press the xFOB to connect to the xHUB. A green light and an audio signal will confirm the connection and the engine can be started. Should a fall over board occur the engine will be shut down, caused by the xFOB being under water or more than 50 feet from the xHUB. 6 seconds after shut down passengers can restart the engine to save the person in the water. When leaving the boat press the xFOB once to disconnect.

Up to four xFOB’s can be connected to the xHUB at the same time, with one unit acting as the captain’s stop unit, and the additional three as alarm units for passengers.

Freedom at sea – reinvented

Liberty of movement is part of the boating experience. Moving around unobstructed, talking to everyone, getting something to eat or drink if you’re hungry all add to the joyful experience of a day at sea. Until now, a corded kill switch has limited this possibility for the person in charge of navigation. The kill switch, more precisely the cord on the old kill switch – has been an obstacle. As so often happens, many have gotten rid of this obstacle, to increase flexibility.

MOB+ allows you to have both, safety and freedom, 100%. Wear the xFOB on your wrist or in your pocket, it’s up to you. What matters is that you wear it. All the time. In that way you and those with you will be safe at all times.

MOB+ Basepack

All you need to get started boating wireless!

With the MOB+ Basepack you get a MOB+ xHUB with connection cables and antenna to mount in your boat, an xFOB, butt splices for cable connections and User Manual. Choose to combine the MOB+ Basepack with either or both of the xBAND and xTAG. Add additional xFOBs to your system to secure your whole family!



Key Features

  • MultiFOB: Connect up to four people to at the same time
  • Alarm only or Alarm/Stop: Choose to connect an AlarmFOB with alarm only, or stop and alarm functionality. This unique feature enabled with the revolutionary WiMEA Protocol allows you to have any combination of alarm or stop functionality for your passengers, crew or pets onboard. Easily switch pilots while driving, secure any kids or pets onboard with either an alarm or have the engine stop if they fall overboard.
  • MOB Mode: MOB Mode (Man Overboard Mode) is the safety mode of the system. MOB+ will automatically shut down of the engine when the STOP FOB is submerged in 4″ of water or travels out of range from the xHUB.
  • Sound and flashing light: When a FOB goes overboard, the xHUB sounds an alarm and flashes red in the light circle accompanied by flashing on the respective FOBs indication bar. This allows for identification of which of the connected FOBs that has fallen overboard.
  • Override Mode: After six seconds, the system automatically activates Override Mode. In Override Mode, any passenger or crew on board can restart the engine without the need to interact with the MOB+ system. This allows for a quick recovery of the missing person in the water and enhances safety.
  • dStart: Enhanced man overboard safety feature; The system automatically reengages the kill switch six seconds after a man overboard event, to allow any remaining passengers on board to restart the engine as normal without having to engage with the xHUB in the boat.
  • Secure Marine Wireless: The WiMEA® (Wireless Marine Electronics Algorithm) is a highly advanced marine security protocol and digital data processing system utilizing high-speed link and Unique ID Technology. It operates across several frequency channels and has 4D Antenna Diversity to avoid interference and unintended signal blocking. This makes it virtually impossible for any other wireless system to interfere with the operation of a WiMEA Wireless System.
  • Generic cutout size: xHUB requires a standard 2 1/16″ diameter opening for mounting on console or a bracket
  • 12/24 volts: xHUB is wired to the Boat’s 12/24V DC power, and to your current kill switch wires
  • Low amperage: xHUB Power Consumption: Active Mode: 180mA (2.5W max. at 13.8Vdc), Standby: <30mA,

Battery life time

The xFOB has up to 300 hours battery life time when connected.

Battery type: CR2032

Automatic timer function ensures the xFOB does not remain turned on should it be forgotten on the boat.


See video below or go to our support pages to learn how easy it is to install the MOB+.

Designed and developed in Norway

The technology behind MOB+ is amongst others the WiMEA® Protocol which is world leading wireless technology. This means that the systems electronic components and communication is protected from interference, that unique ID technology gives an absolute dedicated connection, that two antennas are used to ensure 100 % operating time and that the data communication equals high speed data streaming.

MOB+ has been tested in all weather conditions, during all seasons exposing it to extreme heat and cold. It works.

Get the most out of MOB+ with:


Get additional xFOBs to connect your whole family for your next boat trip!


Wear the xFOB in a lanyard around your neck, clip it to your life jacket or in your dogs collar.


The xBAND is always accessible and always on. The xFOB fits inside the xBAND with it´s Universal Fit design. Choose your own color and style xBAND.

Measurements and performance

Weight164 grams
Capsule materialASA / TPU / PBT / POM - RoHS
TemperatureFrom -15°C to 55°C
Alarm decibel level>85db
Voltage source10-32Vdc
Energy consumptionActive mode: 2,5W max. at 13,8Vdc, Standby: <30mA, <0,4W max. at 13,8V
Kill Switch max electricity8A continuously, 10A puls

Wireless performance

Frequency area915 MHz FCC (US vers.)
RF signal (in)10 dBm max.
RF signal (out)10 dBm max.
4D Antenna diversety

Battery MOB Unit

Battery typeCR2032
Battery voltage3V lithium battery

Certification US version (FCC)

Radio - Boat Unit and MOB UnitR&TTE, EN 300 328, Maritime/CE
EMC - Boat Unit and MOB UnitR&TTE, IEC 60945, Maritime/CE


Immersion Boat UnitIEC 60945, IP67, Martime/CE - 1 meter water resistant
Immersion MOB UnitIEC 60945, IP68, Martime/CE - 3 meters water resistant
Ingress protection Boat UnitIEC 60945, IP67, Martime/CE
RoHS (2002/95/EC) compliant materiales


Flammability - Boat Unit and MOB UnitIEC 60950 1&22, Martime/CE

Technical drawings

In the box:

1 pcs MOB+ xHUB

1 pcs MOB+ xFOB

1 pcs Connection Cable

4 pcs Butt Splices and 1 pcs End Cap

1 pcs External Antenna