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How does it work?

The MOB+ Wireless Cut-Off Switch consists of only a few items. A xHUB, a xFOB which can be worn inside the wristband or on your lifejacket or pocket. The xFOB is placed in the wristband, the xHUB is installed in the boat. The principle which the MOB+ function is based on relies on the connection between the xFOB and the xHUB. If the connection is broken, either because the user fell into the water or distanced him or herself 50 feet from the Boat unit, the engine will stop instantly. An extra safety feature is that the engine can be restarted after six seconds, allowing the others onboard to quickly rescue the person in the water.


WiMEA Protocol

WiMEA ® Protocol is a revolutionizing wireless technology developed specifically for its purpose – to give you as a boat driver freedom and safety. With 100 % requirements for robustness and durability, only the most advanced wireless technology is good enough, to save lives. FELL has therefore developed WiMEA® Protocol – Wireless Marine Electronics Algorithm. Patented technology WiMEA Protocol delivers a revolution in wireless signal modulation – keeping you and yours safe at all time.



MOB+ Wireless Cut-Off Switch offers the freedom you wish to experience on a boat trip, while caring for your safety should an accident occur. Enjoy fishing, waves and have fun – or just cruise comfortably without any cord in the way. MOB+ Wireless Cut-Off Switch is the beginning of a new technological era for leisure boats.






What is the value of safety?


Lifejacket. Certificate of Boatmanship. Electronic drafts and GPS. Kill Switch. Devices and knowledge meant to enhance safety at sea. The value of these elements cannot be measured in monetary amounts, but we think it’s fair to say that these investments – individually and collectively – make boating safer and more pleasant. The safer, the more pleasant.

Safety obtained from these devices and knowledge is conditional to their use and application. That the lifejacket is worn, that you remember and act according to what was taught when you were studying for the Certificate and that GPS and electronic maps are used and the kill switch as well. We know that the last one is not always the most prioritized – at least it has been easy to do so until now.

The cord can give several challenges – the biggest one being lack of use

The fact of the matter remains that many boat drivers find it to be a hassle to depend on a cord to use the kill switch. The sense of hassle tends to increase the more time you spend at sea with the end result being not using the kill switch, attaching an elastic or Velcro to the steering wheel and carry on as usual. Most of the time nothing happens.

But what if the driver falls over board? Anyone who has spent some time at sea know how little it takes for someone to fall into the water. Without a kill switch, the boat will continue on its course regardless of the driver being onboard or not. There has even been cases of drivers being hit/run over by their boats after falling into the water – needless to say with dreadful consequences. This knowledge is behind the idea of creating an electronic, wireless kill switch. We work to contribute to saving lives.

Safety and freedom at the same time. For the first time.

Liberty of movement is part of the boating experience. Moving around unobstructed, talking to everyone, getting something to eat or drink if you’re hungry all add to the joyful experience of a day at sea. Until now, a corded kill switch has limited this possibility for the person in charge of navigation. The kill switch, more precisely the cord on the old kill switch – has been an obstacle. As so often happens, many have gotten rid of this obstacle, to increase flexibility.

MOB+ allows you to have both, safety and freedom, 100%. Wear the MOB Unit on your wrist or in your pocket, it’s up to you. What matters is that you wear it. All the time. That way you and those with you will be safe at all times.

Kill Switch Mandated by law

The use of kill switch is mandated by law in six states in the US. FELL Marine support the efforts made to make boating and fishing more safe for everyone. Being tied down at the helm at all times can be difficult while boating and fishing. MOB+ is a great alternative to the old lanyard, allowing you to roam freely on board while still having your lanyard on.


Alabama lanyard legislation since 1994. The law states the following:

(c) A person operating a personal watercraft on the waters of this state that does not have self circling capability, shall have a lanyard type engine cutoff switch and must attach the lanyard to the person, clothing, or personal flotation device as is appropriate.


Arkansas lanyard legislation since 2001. The law states the following:

Ignition Safety Switches: Most PWCs and powerboats come equipped by the manufacturer with an important device called an emergency ignition safety switch. This is a safety device that is designed to shut off the engine if the operator is thrown from the proper operating position. A lanyard is attached to the safety switch and the operator’s wrist or PFD. The safety switch shuts off the engine if the operator falls off the PWC or out of the powerboat. If your vessel does not come equipped with an ignition safety switch, you should have one installed.

Always wear your lanyard when operating a PWC. In many states, it is illegal to ride your PWC without attaching the lanyard properly between the switch and yourself.


Illinois lanyard legislation since 2010. The law states the following:

Lanyards or Engine Cut-off Devices: No person may operate any motor boat, including a personal watercraft or specialty prop-craft, equipped with an engine cut-off switch while the engine is running and the motorboat is underway, without verifying that the engine cut-off switch is operational and fully-functional and: (1) the engine cut-off switch link is properly attached to his or her person, clothing or worn PFD, as appropriate for the specific vessel; or (2) activating the wireless cut-off system. For the purposes of this section, “Engine cut-off switch link” means the lanyard or wireless cut-off device used to attach the motorboat operator to the engine cut-off switch installed on the motorboat. “Engine cut-off switch” means an operational emergency cut-off engine stop switch installed on a motorboat that attaches to a motorboat operator by an engine cut-off switch link.


Iowa established lanyard legislation since 2014. The law states the following:

Ignition Safety Switches: Most PWCs and powerboats come equipped by the manufacturer with an important device called an emergency ignition safety switch. This is a safety device that is designed to shut off the engine if the operator is thrown from the proper operating position.

A lanyard is attached to the safety switch and the operator’s wrist or life jacket. The safety switch shuts off the engine if the operator falls off the PWC or out of the powerboat. If your vessel does not come equipped with an ignition safety switch, you should have one installed.

If the PWC is equipped with a lanyard-type ignition safety switch, it must be maintained in an operable condition and must be attached to the person, clothing, or life jacket of the operator whenever the PWC is in use.


Nevada lanyard legislation since 2008. The law states the following:

Failure To Use Ignition Safety Switch is an operator not attaching the lanyard of an ignition safety switch to his or her person, clothing, or life jacket if the vessel is equipped with a switch and is moving at greater than “no wake speed.” In addition, the owner of a vessel that is equipped with an ignition safety switch may not operate, or let another person operate, the vessel if the lanyard is missing, not connected, or not working correctly.

New Jersey

New Jersey lanyard legislation since 2009. The law states the following:

The operator of any vessel equipped with a lanyard cut-off switch shall wear the safety switch lanyard at all times when the vessel is in operation.

Testimonials and Media

We are grateful to have satisfied customers who are experiencing increased freedom and safety onboard their boats. Read some of their comments here.


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“Ingenious product, just installed it in the boat and it works perfectly. Incredibly easy installation. Recommended!”

Read the full review made by Martin after one year of use here.

– Martin G. Karlsen

“I received my MOB+ yesterday, what a simple install!! Took my boat out this morning and everything is working the way it should.”

– Gary Turner

“Great product and very easy installation. Finally safety and freedom to move about on board! In addition I got great service when having questions. In short: I am very happy and recommend this product!”

– Thomas Stenklev

“Five stars!”

– Christian Halleby Holm (Facebook review)

“Great service, even late in the evening the 12/30/15”

– Erlend Svoren

“Easy to install. The wristband could have had better locking mechanism”

– Leif Helland

FELL Comment: “The wristband locking is redesigned after this feedback”

“Five stars!”

– Lars Ulven (Facebook review)

“I have FELL Marine MOB+ together with the exciting kill switch and it works great. Perfect!”

– Hakon Tonnessen


MOB+ on TV2 news broadcast. We hope MOB+ Wireless Cut-Off Switch will contribute to taking care of you and yours when at sea and enjoying boating. Remember to always wear a lifejacket and use a kill switch.

Enjoy freedom at sea with MOB+!

See the clip on TV2.