Strategic partners

Strategic partners

FELL works with some of Norway’s most skilled and experienced organizations to be able to achieve our vision and comply with our values. The value we create for our society through maritime safety is a result of great teamwork over a long time.

Fugawi - Johnson Outdoors Canada


Fugawi has been an innovator in GPS applications  and digital charts for mobile devices, embedded electronics, desktop computers, and web services since 1995.

Fugawi is our strategic distribution partner in Canada.



Wholesale organization Jan Comstedt AB operate in the Marine and industrial sector. Founded in 1983 by Jan Comstedt, with his then thirty years of experience in the Swedish marine market. Comstedt is our strategic distribution partner in Sweden.



Regatta is a leading producer of lifejackets and buoyancy products. FELL and Regatta cooperate to promote maritime safety and enjoyment at sea.

Innovation Norway


Innovation Norway has assisted FELL throughout the entire development phase of WiMEA Wireless Kill Switch. Innovation Norway delivers advisory services, financing, network and other services to startups and established companies wanting to expand their business through innovation.

Seatronic Båtutstyr


Seatronic and FELL have cooperated since the very beginning of development of WiMEA. We would like to thank Seatronic for their insights and requirements regarding function, quality and price. Seatronic was also our first retailer.

Eker Design


Eker Design is Scandinavias leading provider of industrial design. Eker Design has assisted FELL with industrializing of WiMEA Wireless Kill Switch.

Reactor Retail


Reactor Retail have assisted FELL with concept design and branding. Their work has given FELL a clear identity and helped us to communicate our message.



Nemko has certified FELL WiMEA Wireless Kill Switch. A certification from Nemko means that FELL products meet high standards.



Norboat works in behalf of the boat industry in Norway to promote their interests. FELL is a member of Norboat.

Herholdt Andersen


With more than 100 years of experience in the boat industry, Herholdt Andersen is a retailer we are very proud to have in our network. Herholdt Andersen were one of our first retailers.


Royal Norwegian Boat Association (KNBF)


KNBF is Norways largest association of boat unions and personal members. The organization workds for boat owners interests and promote security and environmentally friendly use of boats.



Hydrolift is a manufacturer of high speed boats. FELL and Hydrolift have cooperated since the very start of developing WiMEA.