50 feet of freedom

Finally, freedom onboard is possible. Advanced wireless technology ensures your safety and gives you the freedom to move as you desire.

Introducing a new standard

MOB+ sets a new standard for wireless cut-off switches and safety onboard. MOB+ is developed to provide 100 % stability and save you in only one second should an accident occur.

The technology behind

WiMEA ® Protocol is a revolutionizing wireless technology developed specifically for its purpose – to give you as a boat driver freedom and safety. With 100 % requirements for robustness and durability, only the most advanced wireless technology is good enough, to save lives. FELL has therefore developed WiMEA ® Protocol – Wireless Marine Electronics Algorithm.

Your color – your choice

It has never been easier and more comfortable to use a kill switch. Carry your xFOB on your wrist – always available, never intrusive. If you fall overboard MOB+ Wireless Cut-Off Switch stops the engine automatically. Everyone using the boat as a driver can have their personal xBAND. Choose your favorite color – red, yellow, blue, pink or black.